Capitol Building Central Plant Upgrades

Arizona Department of Administration

About this Project

K CORP provided demolition services including the rigging and removal of the existing chillers, pumps, cooling towers, VFDs, fan coils and associated piping to accommodate the new construction activities. New work in the central plant consisted of installing two new water cooled chillers, primary pumps, VFDs, air separator, expansion tank, new heat exchanger plates, chilled water and condenser water piping and valves in the plant located in the basement of the executive tower. Concurrent to the work being performed in the central plant, K CORP also provided and installed new cooling towers, pumps, centrifugal separators, condenser water piping, pipe stands, tower drains, backflow preventers, make up water and filter piping at the cooling tower yard.

Our scope also included temperature controls, test and balance, water treatment and insulation. Prior to the demo work beginning, K CORP provided line stops and hot taps as needed on the chilled water and condenser water systems to allow temporary chillers, cooling towers and pumps to be installed so that State of Arizona could continue its operations during construction. The ready work for the installation of temporary cooling equipment was a critical component of the project that required detailed coordination with all parties involved. The short windows available for the switchover to temporary equipment necessitated large diameter pipe spools with isolation valves to be properly measured and fabricated offsite without error. The work was planned and fabricated correctly, allowing the activities to be performed during off hours and completed without interruption to the existing facilities.