Steam Infrastructure Improvements

Arizona State University

About this Project

Remove and replace steam and condensate piping below grade and in utility vault. K CORP responded to an emergency call to fix steam lines that were leaking at ASU and causing sink holes in the ground. Within a few days K CORP was able to assist ASU in diagnosing the issue and assisted ASU in developing a work plan and GMP price. Within two days K CORP was able to mobilize on site to begin work. Our work included removing and replacing several hundred feet of steam and condensate piping, New expansion loops approximately 100ft of sanitary drainage and irrigation piping that had been damaged from the leak. Repaired and replaced existing asphalt, curbs, sidewalks and landscaping back to original conditions. K CORP worked around the clock working multiple shifts and 7 days per week to deliver this project to ASU.

There were no unplanned interruptions to ASU.

K CORP’s expertise allowed us to create a work plan and GMP price very quickly, which allowed the work activities to begin within a few days of being called.