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About this Project

K CORP furnished and installed several hundred feet of 24” welded condenser water piping routed from the new cooling tower yard to a point of connection located in the chiller room. The 24” piping loop installed will provide condenser water supply and return piping for (9) additional cooling towers. K CORP installed (3) cooling towers during this phase and will install the remaining (6) at a later phase. In addition; K CORP has furnished and installed one addition 1000-ton water cooled chiller in the central plant and will install (2) additional chillers at a later phase.

K CORP modeled and pre-fabricated most of the piping work that was installed. The prefabrication effort allowed us to install large piping spools up to 95 feet long; minimizing operational impact to the facility.

K CORP performed the work safely without incident and correctly without delays or any unplanned interruption to this facility.